The next generation: 084b3-willipodcloseup.jpg at age 2!

The emergency use of technology. Learning Mandarin Chinese.

Wireless Multimedia Flexible Keyboard, made by tripp-lite. Available at Amazon for about $50. Roll it up and put it in your back pack. Then just take it to class and hand it out to whoever wants to enter text. Works wirelessly to USB receiver. Flexible, indestructible silicone material. "Can be rolled, washed, disinfected and more!"

"Cordless" Hands free iPod

Flip video - runs on double A batteries (no charger needed), built in USB for downloading, holds 1 -2 hours of video, just press the red easy button!

Kindle - just 10 ounces! Holds over 2500 books. Is the iPad the next gadget?

Flash drives - Bracelets and Earrings, capless

Web Cam and Skype - camera is not built in, so I can move it around on its 4 foot cord, even point it outside my window to show my new red car.

Portable "Elmo" - document camera - try this web cam, which stands on its own, so you can use it as a document camera!

Digital Camera - battery operated. No charger needed.

Add your favorites that you have and use!