What is an Online Learning Center?

Online Writing Center + Tutoring
Place for Resources - OWL
Asynchronous tutoring
Self service resources that would encourage students to be independent learners -
Learning Center Tech

Extend Your Resources

Add Portals for study skills, grammar, writing.- a task oriented view
Add Podcasts. Grammar Girl
Add Video tutorials. Math example, in Adobe Connect,

Connect the Learning Center with Online Classes by embedding a link to your center from inside the online class.

Provide links to textbook web sites, Biology example

Academic Skills Videos


What does your Center's Web Site look like?

Some questions to consider:
  • Who was the website designed for?
  • Is it intuitive?
  • What information do they need?
  • Does it give them the information they need?

Check out the rubric for Learning Center web sites.

What do other other centers' websites look like? In LSCHE (Learning Support Centers in Higher Education) there are now more than 1000 centers that you can look at from around the world (mostly US). If your website is not listed, please email to have it included.

Distance Learning

Is the Learning Center supporting Online Classes? Does it have a presence inside Online Classes?

Tutoring Online

Turrentine, P and MacDonald,L. Tutoring Online: Increasing Effectiveness with Best Practices

Supplemental Instruction
University of Kansas, Missouri
Angelo College - successfully piloted online sessions (08-09)
Clemson University - large successful program

Tutor Training

Provide back up for tutor training.

Tutor Certification

Learning Support Centers in Higher Ed - LSCHE

Your resources for all information related to Learning Support Centers.
  • Want to look at floor plans? See several here.
  • What to call your center? See the extensive list of names.
  • Want a list of learning centers nationwide? See if you are on the list.
  • What about organizations or conferences? Calendar & Associations
  • Is there a ListServ where I can ask questions and share my ideas? LRNASST
  • Take a look and let us know what you found that you did not expect to see here.


The Listserve for Learning Assistance Professionals - over 1800 participants
To join go to Click on join the list.
Caution: This is an active listserv. Don't add it to your school email. Instead set up a separate account at yahoo or gmail, for example. Then you can read your professional mail weekly. You can also subscribe to the digest.

Software for Managing the Learning Centers

TutorTrac - sign up for a one hour free demo.