MNADE Creating Hybrid Class Resources

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Here is the list of web pages and handouts that correlate with the

  • Pre-conference Session
  • Designing Hybrid Classes that won't drive you and your students to distraction
  • September 24, 2008

Planning Documents
Hybrid Course Features
Planning the First Week of Class

Hybrid Course Definition

More useful resources. Some of these were included in the presentation and others are added here for you to explore.

Online Teaching Activity Index
Lots of possible activities listed here for you to choose from. Collaborative activities, webquests, blogs and wikis.

10 Hybrid Course Planning Questions
It's more than just creating a new syllabus. You have to think through a new redesign plan.

Here are some hints from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee that will help you through the process.

Hybrid Course Gallery
While you can't actually see the class, you can read the faculty planning notes on what makes their course a hybrid course and what are some of the student "out of class" activities.

Some resources may come with your textbook.

Downing, Skip. On Course. Here you get resources on what to do before class, how to improve your grade and practice quizzes for each chapter.

Pauk, Walter. Essential Study Skills. This companion site comes with web resources for each chapter, discussion questions and forum for each chapter as well as quizzes for each chapter. All are totally customizable by you.