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From the beginning - before LMS's
Organizational Structure

Lecture Anyone?


Reading on the Web Research

Website Reading: It (Sometimes) Does Happen


Best practices
LMS or Web Page

Audio Lectures with PowerPoint

Audio/Video Screencast Lecture by Aeronautics Professor. Did you know that 1 slug = 32 lbs? This lecture is done on the iPad, saved a a video and posted online. This way students can review it anytime and play it over and over again, whereas a classroom lecture is a one shot deal! How good are your students at taking notes?

App used is called Explain Everything $2.99.

Discussion: Where Class Happens!

Rule of 3 for online discussions
  1. Must be carefully crafted.
  2. Must be coached.
  3. Must be valued

Creating a sense of instructor presence in the online classroom
Online Presence


Activities (Journals)

Mastery Learning - Take the quiz as many times as you want. The highest score will be recorded, that way you can use the quizzes to review of the mid-term without losing your highest score. No, it will not tell you what the right answer is or which one you got wrong. You just get your total score. Your job is then to go back and check the readings to find out the information that you missed and try again.

Final Project or Final Exam: The goal of the study strategies class is not only to have the students learn the strategies that they need, but to have them apply these strategies to a college level class, other than the study strategies class. I find that students can do this by teaching other students. Therefore, I give them a case scenarios, where they have to teach another student the study strategies for another course. To facilitate this, I have them write a journal each week. I can comment on the journal and redirect, if need be. I am not looking for a study guide in Math, for example, but a cognitive process on how to study math, using the strategy of the week. At the end of the course, the get to use their journals to write a 5 - 10 paper that is a study strategies guide to a specific college course.

Strategies to Minimize Cheating Online

Hybrid Classes
See how to manage handouts


Serif =Readability
San Serif = Legibility

Update from usability expert, Jakob Neilson. Note: he is still talking about legibility.
Serif Fonts

An example of a sans serif sign and what the problem is with readability.

Which are more legible: serif or sans serif typefaces

Legibility vs. Readability

Google Now Makes It Easier to Search for Licensed Images


With this new update to Google Image Search, users now can search for images by licensing rights under the " search tools " which is in the front page.

Adding Multimediaorganizing.jpg

Student photo - notebook for 3 online classes

Quick and Easy: Screencasts and Animation
  1. Screencast - Jing (5 minutes)
  2. Screencast.com (15 minutes)
  3. Animation -http://www.nawmal.com/solutions
  1. Navigation in Blackboard
  2. Where's the course contract?

Tutorials for Jing - Free download

Russell shows us how he uses Jing.

Videos - 3 styles

  1. Voice over white boardScott says that he did this one on Math, because "I knew I would not have time to do all of this during class."
  2. Video lecture - talking head
  3. Video with whiteboard

Tutorials for Jing - Free download

Russell shows us how he uses Jing.
  1. Math
  2. Global Management course
  3. Scott McDaniel's Math class
  4. Navigation in Blackboard


June 1, 2014 updated tutorials for JING


Scott says:
Here is a "live" video that I do for my online class. This way they can see me in action. I think it helps them with their attention span.

  • Embedded, e.g. in Announcements

Several ways to add student questions to You Tube videos.

One site provides the option of graphing the results.
Adding questions to You Tube

Accounting Professor talks about creating videos for ebooks: how he does it with camtasia and hints and tips (not a demo)

Fun Stuff

Here's what I used to welcome students back
to class after Spring break. You can have lots of
characters. Great way to provide study tips or have
multiple "tutors" giving help.
This free tool is at http://www.voki.com
Customizable Talking avatar

Use text to speech and just type in what you want to say, as the example above. Or try your hand at recording your own voice as in this example to the right.

Create your own talking animation or have students create theirs and have them mail it to you. It comes as a mp3 file that you can then upload to your LMS if you want to share it with the class. Here is one made by my friend, Claire Brooks, in Australia.

Why Can't I just google?

FREE Video email - students must sign in to respond, but it is free.

by my friend, Ilene Frank, retired librarian, University of Florida, Tampa
JING and YouTube

What best online teachers should do

Brinthaupt, Fisher, Gardner, Raffo, MERLOT Journal of Online Learning and Teaching, Vol. 7, No.4, December 2011:

Fink, Dee. (2003) A Self Directed Guide Designing Courses that Promote Significant Learning