History of the Web - 25 Years! What was the first photo posted? Remember the Oogachaka Baby video?

How has the Web changed teaching and learning?

A Better Place - Freedom and Justice with toe tapping music!

Google Forms - So you want to be an A Student?
Tide favorites

**Directory of Learning Tools 2011** - Extensive list includes Free items as well

Lucy's online study skills course with folder tabs .
Includes instructional tools as well as videoconferencing tools and social learning tools for the school classroom.

Looking for royalty free music for a presentation or video?
This site has a bunch of tracks that you can choose by genre, e.g. jazz or style, e.g. bouncy.

Grammar Girl podcasts

Free Digital Photos Great resource for online classes and web sites. Option to purchase larger size pictures if you want to sell your ebook.
You can even sign up for a grammar hint a day! Surprisingly even my students love grammar girl's hints. They are short and to the point and include light humor. Buy the book for reference. An absolute necessity for every writing and learning center. Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing
FREE Stock Photo Web Siteshttp://www.discoverbusiness.us/free-stock-photo-sites/

Free Online Surveys - Just takes 10 minutes. Can be an email or website survey.
Poll Daddy

True online conference - Teaching College Online - University of Hawaii- April 2011

Songs by Steve Piscitelli - End of the Semester Blues and more

Make an MTV style video for free - Animoto.com

Video lesson for image editing

Kingdomality What career would you have in the Middle Ages? This survey has been taken over 13 million times. It's only 8 questions long. Print of the results if you want to keep the info.

Wikis Made Easy - a must see short video. A simple, understandable, non technical intro to the concept of wikis.

GoAnimate.com: The+Elements+Song by Mojochi

Like it? Create your own at GoAnimate.com. It's free and fun! I Animate - $$
Xtranormal - Free for 3.Why can't I just google?

Lucy's first attempt. Use to capture students attention as to where the course contract was in Blackboard. This did the trick, whereas multiple emails, announcements and notices did not seem to communicate and/or stick!

Where's the Course Contract?

The Real Thing

15 minute college lectures for notetaking practice (VHS or DVD) with skill building student text and teachers manual.
Highland 408-353-5756
PO Box 554
Los Gatos, CA 95032-0554
See # 3 Overcoming Communication Anxiety (DVD) Quiz that I use is in the companion book.

#10 Central Processing Unit. Short Answer Quiz is included in the companion text.


Send e-mail to yourself in the future!

Steve Piscitelli is using this with his students for them to state their dreams at the beginning of the semester and then get a reality check at the end of the smester!

Evernote - a must have software for college students. Also an app for iPad.

Flash Mob
Sound of Music in Antwerp, Belgium Looking for someone to play the lead.

What a way to get students into the Learning Center or maybe even to the classroom!
Carlson School of Business, University of Minnesota

Life After Death by PowerPoint - Don McMillan
Don McMillan - Mac Aerobics

Music Video interlude - Freedom and Justice http://player.vimeo.com/video/55175112?v=0