• Discussion - Who is using what? Anyone?

  • Features of Online Tutoring - What to look for
  • Examples of Online Tutoring - What's it like
  • Examples of Mobile Online Tutoring
  • Getting Starting with an Online Tutoring Program

  • how to budget for hours
  • logistical and planning needs
  • slow and measured approach needed

Lesson learned - be more measured in your roll out,including choosing your platform.
--Jennifer Knecht, South Texas College, McAllen, Texas

Creating the Culture of Online Tutoring

  • Needs assessment requires student input.
  • Create an online tutoring community

Why programs don't succeed

5 Online Poison Pills
  • Build it and they will come.
  • Control it to death.
  • Forget it.
  • Make it too complicated.
  • Take it too personally.

Features of Online Tutoring

What to look for:
  • synchronous or asynchronous
  • interactive white boards
  • chat
  • math symbols included
  • two way audio
  • two way video
  • requires java
  • requires students to download client software
  • use your own tutors or use company tutors
  • Others ? :

  • whiteboard and math

NetTutor - use of integrated math symbols on integrated white board -
  • whiteboard, chat and image

Link-Systems - interactive geology session on graphic in textbook -

  • whiteboard, chat and writing

Blackboard Collaborate with pre-reviewed Word file on whiteboard
  • whiteboard, chat and math

Blackboard Collaborate with multiple studentsScreen Shot 2013-06-17 at 2.05.11 AM.png
  • two way audio

Blackboard Collaborate (which bought out Eluminate and Wimba)
Recorded Workshops Implementation Model and Demo- Eluminate

  • two way audio and chat

Adobe Connect using file sharing for reviewing writing papers

  • two way video screenshot

Organic Chemistry - Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 2.04.07 AM.png

  • two way video with whiteboard

tms-ipad-icon.png TMS apps - iPad app can deliver to desktop
TMS screenshot.PNG

  • iPad app

Screen Chomp - FREE for iPad
  • Audio Whiteboard
  • One way only (not simultaneous, but students can email it (.mp3 file) to a tutor and the tutor can respond. (Great for when the student is working at 2 AM, but the tutor is not!))

How many Balloons does Braedon have? 1st grader using the Screen Chomp whiteboard on the iPad

The University of Arizona's Intro to
Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring at ThinkTank: How does it work?

  • Uses Eluminate (Blackboard Collaborate)
  • how to save and print a tutoring session
  • how to share a file

Consortium Approach

eTutoring Consortium - Northwest

Planning for Online Tutoring

Questions to Ask

Online Tutoring Principles into Practice: Our First Steps


Turrentine, P and MacDonald,L.

Tutoring Online: Increasing Effectiveness with Best Practices. NADE Digest, 2 (2), Fall 2006.

Tutor Training Videos
(not specific to online tutoring)

Dartmouth has an excellent tutor training video. It provides short scenarios with comments and prompts after each scenario!
Check out this Tutor Training Video.

Tutoring support Community College Report

TMS Case Study

Austin Peasy State Universit

Who's using tutoring online?

CRLA's Technology Distance Learning SIG project (2010) to identify practitioners in the field who are using tutoring online. Project provides contact name of College personnel in charge of tutoring online and what system they are using.