Webquests are not scavenger hunts!


Easy to use Web quest template
Also a searchable database of Webquests by topic and level. Check out college/adult webquests. So to be mobile.
What are webquests really?
  • a scaffoled learning structure
  • an authentic task to motivate students' investigation and critical thinking
  • a central,open-ended question
  • development of individual expertise
  • participation in a final group process that attempts to transform newly acquired information into a more sophisticated understanding.
  • includes links to essential resources on the Web

**Bee Ware**
Lucy's sample web quest using Zunal

Voice Thread

Criteria for Assessing Webquests Best model. Includes tranformation of knowledge.

The 7 Red Flags
What are not webquests.


Pre-Algebra WebQuest - When will I ever use this?
Logarithms Lurking in the Shadows
Why on earth am I taking Statistics?
Let's make a deal! (Statistics - grade 8) by Scott McDaniel and Jay Huff

What do I do with an English Language Learner.


Harlem Renaissance In this WebQuest, students will take on roles--such as Talent Agent, Politician, or Historian--and investigate the Harlem Renaissance from the personal level to the overarching historical context.

Research is
Great webquest with a PowerPoint quiz! Hint: there are 8 characteristics of research.

Media Literacy

This WebQuest is intended to review how all types of media use different tactics to encode messages, which can either be discreet or overt in nature.

Information Literacy on the Internet Students will learn to evaluate Internet resources in order to discern which are accurate, verifiable and current. They will taught critical thinking skills before using the Internet as a source for research projects.

New Online College Teacher

Critical Literacy and the Media

Information Literacy and You

Love is a Fallacy Great for teaching critical thinking and a fun way to learn about fallacies. Need to replace the icon of the Racoon Coat!

====The Chocolate Challenge WebQuest====
Created by Lucy's student in ED235, Instructional Technology class. He is a chef, who is getting his teacher's license to teach in a high school culinary arts program!