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Explain Everything

Ismael Cremer, a professor of Aeronautics at Florida Institute of Technology, gave a presentation from his iPad at the Teach/Learn Conference and recorded it live! The topic was how to teach with the iPad. By the time we got back to our rooms the full presentation, including our questions, was already posted here. Be sure to scroll down to the bottom to see the pictures of an iPad as a document camera! IntegraClass at http://www.coaportal.com/page59/index.html

Flipped Classroom video screencast. Created all on the iPad. Saved and posted online at Vimeo.com This is his lecture on "Matter, Mass, Density and Pressure. Did you know that 1 slug = 32 pounds?


Screen Chomp - Tech Smith
Make screencasts and send them as mp4 files in email. Students can do the same. No it's not synchronized in real time, but is is an audio whiteboard that is easy to use from Kindergarten up!!

How many Balloons does Braedon have? 1s grader using the Screen Chomp whiteboard on the iPad


planner designed for college students, so they can put in their labs, keep track of their assignments and grades, and add extracurricular activities like dates at a coffee shop - no invites!

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iProcrastinate for iPhone and iPad (and me ;-)

Screen Shot 2012-07-02 at 3.49.07 AM.png

Touch Press etextbooks - Christmas musical review of all of their books for the year!

Touch Press

Elements - musical intro to the Periodic Table, by Tom Lehrer.

New language to talk about reading ebooks.

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iAnnotate with voice

Book Creator
Makes iBooks, ePub books. Can be posted online. Includes audio as well as photos and text. See video at:http://www.redjumper.net/bookcreator/

Want to add a quiz or a poll on the iPad?

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The Killer App for 2013
You'll never guess this one!

Killer App for 2013